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Booking Confirmation: At, students can seamlessly book their preferred room. Upon selecting a room, they are required to pay a 20% advance of the total amount to confirm the booking.  The booking amount is non-refundable and will be adjusted towards the total security deposit payable for the booked room or PG upon check-in. Customers have the option to pay the remaining 80% of the total rent upon check-in.

This payment, which can be made through various methods such as debit card, credit card, UPI, or cash, ensures the reservation of their chosen accommodation. Within 24 hours of making the advance payment, the booking is confirmed and the student is notified, providing all necessary details for a smooth and well-informed experience.

Payment Policies:  At, to confirm a booking, students are required to pay a 20% advance of the total amount. We offer various payment options for this, including debit card, credit card, UPI, or cash, catering to the convenience of our students. It's important to note that this advance payment is non-refundable, underscoring the commitment to the reservation. While students can cancel their booking at any time, the advance payment is only refunded if the room becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:  The refund and cancellation policy at is straightforward: students can cancel their bookings at any time, but the 20% advance payment is non-refundable. This policy is in place to maintain a fair balance between the students’ flexibility and the commitment to the room owners. The only exception for a refund occurs if the room is no longer available for reasons beyond our control, ensuring that students are not financially disadvantaged in such unforeseen situations.

Room Allocation and Availability: Room allocation at is finalized upon confirmation of booking and full payment by the student. Priority is given based on payment completion; if a student with a confirmed booking fails to pay the remaining amount, the room may be allocated to another student who completes the full payment. We also operate a waiting list for fully booked rooms, allocating them as they become available, prioritizing students based on payment order.

Check-in and Check-out Procedures: For check-in at, students are required to complete their payment in full. Additionally, they must submit photocopies of their Aadhar card and university identity card. Students will also need to sign a document provided by the room owner, which outlines the terms of their stay.                                 

Before checking out, students should ensure any outstanding amounts are paid. They are also required to inform the room owner in advance about their planned departure to facilitate a smooth check-out process.

Compliance with Local and International Laws: we rigorously ensure that all our policies and operations comply with local real estate and accommodation laws. Additionally, we adhere to international regulations applicable to foreign students. This commitment to legal compliance not only provides a secure and lawful environment for our students but also upholds our standards of integrity and responsibility in the accommodation sector.

Privacy and Data Security: prioritizes the privacy and security of our students' personal data. We collect essential information like Aadhar and university ID details for booking and security purposes. This data is used strictly for room allocation and is protected with robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access. We store this data only as long as necessary and provide students with rights to access and control their personal information. Regular policy reviews ensure our compliance with data protection laws, safeguarding our students' privacy at every step.

Dispute Resolution: we are committed to resolving any disputes related to bookings, payments, or accommodations swiftly and fairly. In the event of a dispute, users are encouraged to contact our customer support team through the contact information provided on our website. Our dedicated team will review the issue, work closely with all involved parties, and strive to reach an amicable resolution in a timely manner. If necessary, disputes may be escalated to mediation or arbitration as per the guidelines laid out in our Terms and Conditions. We aim to ensure that every dispute is handled with attention to fairness and the best interest of all parties involved.

Updates to Policies: Please note that the policies of, including terms of booking, payment, and data handling, are subject to periodic review and may be updated to reflect changes in our operations or legal requirements. We ensure that our users are promptly informed of any such updates. Notifications regarding policy changes will be communicated through our website and via email to all registered users. We encourage students to regularly review our policy sections for the latest information.

Cancellation Process

How to Cancel: To cancel a booking, log into your account and select the booking you wish to cancel, or contact our customer support team for assistance.

Timing: Cancellations can be made at any time after a booking is confirmed but are subject to our refund policy.

              You can Cancel booking within 24hrs your booking will be cancelled. No question asked.

Refund Policy

Advance Payment: The 20% advance payment made at the time of booking is non-refundable to uphold the commitment to the reservation.

Full Refund Conditions: A full refund of the advance payment will be made only if the booked accommodation becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

Processing Time: In the event of a qualifying refund, please allow a standard processing time of 3 business days for the refund to be completed.

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